Why Did God DO That??

Why Do We Question God's WillDo we need to grant God approval for what He does in our world or lives? Should God be responsible to US for the bad things that happen in the world (e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, volcanoes, deaths)?
The answer to this question is a definite "NO!". He is GOD.
Would we be able to comprehend God's reasons if He gave us an explanation for what He does? Doubtful.

God is in control of a world filled with complicated situations. One event may appear "bad" for us or someone we know, but work for a greater good to dozens of even hundreds of other people. Sometimes the way we respond to these things may be one way God may want to use them to His glory and for a greater good. That is part of responsibility.
The word "responsibility" means "the ability to choose my response". In this case, choosing the response we have towards situations or events that we don't understand at first.

Let's say, as way of an example, that I am on my way to work and my car starts to smoke and then bursts into flame. Do you think that people I know will observe and react to my response to this event? You bet they will! They would certainly be forgiving if I threw a fit, jumped up and down and yelled angrily, or even hurled insults and questions towards God above regarding His reasons for allowing this to happen to me. However, if I were to compose myself & respond maturely and in a Christian manner, perhaps my employer would take note and want to know the reason why I would behave as such.
God does not owe us an explanation for what He does. He is faced with so much complexity (as far as we see it) that, should He try to explain it to us, our minds would almost certainly go into overload trying to grasp it all. Even still, at the end of His explanation, we would still be disapproving -- we aren't divine and would be capable of grasping the entire divine plan before us.

It is for these reasons that we have something called "faith". We have faith in God's power and ability to control our lives and this world in which we live. God can make a change in this world that may bring thousands of people to Him over decades-- but without our faith in God, we might think the change (or event) to be harsh and horrible.

The word "responsibility" means "the ability to choose my response".

As an example of this, think of Hurricane Katrina. This storm did massive amounts of damage. It wiped out thousands of homes and destroyed many millions of dollars worth of property-- not to mention the loss of lives both in humans and animals! These events also forced people who had a heart and ability to do something to go forth and help others. As a result there were many conversions for Christ. There were hundreds of people who learned to place new value on human life! Perhaps this event that so many people said was just the judgement of God was in reality also used as a mean to bring out the spirit of Christianity in people and also to make people aware of their sad state of materialism?

Having put that thought into play, let me ask you a question: How many times have we all completely missed the point God was trying to make? Do we try to understand what may be used to glorify God in our response or do we speak and act in haste in a manner that is not useful or Godly?

We need to prayerfully consider these things and ask God to help us have the faith to act responsibly next time something bad happens in our life.


  1. Clara said...
    I really enjoyed this study, Sweetheart. It's a good reminder that God is over all, and we are mere humans - we can't see what He can see!
    I think you should write posts more often! ;)
    Love you! xo
    Finding Joy said...
    This is really interesting and I was only thinking about this the other day. Often it is only after an event does it makes sense why God allow these things to happen.

    The one event which I struggle with is War, in particular the deaths of so many millions of Jews in WWII. Why did God allow this, for what reason, why so horribly - I never have an answer when this question arises in conversations - was it about "placing new value on human life"?
    Unknown said...
    Thanks,Dan, for the reminder to stop and think before reacting to a situation that may come along. I know God is in control of all that goes on here on earth, and also He controls what happens in my life. We have to remember that God never makes a mistake and He is never early or late answering prayers. I agree that we can't understand His doings sometimes, and we may not see His purpose until we see Him face to face. We have to trust Him. That is faith.

    Keep up the good work.
    Love you, Mom
    Unknown said...
    Thanks, Dan, really helpful and clear explanation. Would be even better with some Bible verses included. Two broad reasons God assures us of are 1. He works all things together for good to believers Rom 8:28; and 2. All things are to/for Him and to His glory Rom 11:36. Even man's sin results indirectly in glory to God Rom 9:17-18. Even God's punishment of the wicked glorifies God's power Rom 9:22. But, like you say, we can't understand it all now Rom 11:33-34, we know it by faith. -Stephen

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